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Add an image and customise your module

There are two ways to add a cover image to your module: upload an image from your computer's files, or drag and drop the image onto the interface.

1. Upload an image from your computer

Once you’ve named your module, click on the “Add background” icon below the title. A window will open – select the folder and the background image you want to add.

2. Add an image by dragging and dropping it into the interface

Select the image in your computer's file explorer window, then drag and drop it into the dedicated zone.

Click on “2. PREVIEW” in the black side bar on the left of the screen to preview your module, or “Preview” on the top-left of your screen.

You can change the module's background image at any time during the design phase.

To ensure the image isn't too big or too small, we suggest adding an image between 980 pixels and 1,600 pixels.

Change the ribbon colour

Click on the “main colour” tab on the top left of your background image.

An option window will open, where you can select one of the colours offered by Teach Up, or personalise your colour using a hexadecimal code under “custom color”.

Add a logo

You can add a logo to your module either by clicking on the “logo” section and locating the file on your computer, or by dragging your logo directly into the logo area (located on the top-right of your cover image).


Updated on: 08/11/2021

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