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Create an assessment

To create an assessment, open the studio

1. Click on “+ New Activity”

In the options window that appears, click “create an assesment”.

Teach Up's automated game instructions and buttons are in French by default (for example, the “Continue” button will be in French). To change it to English, select the “FR” drop-down menu on this page.

2. Customise your title and background

Just like the e-learning module, you can give your assessment a title, customise the background image, add a logo and set the module’s main colour. Once you’ve done this, you can scroll down to add content.

3. Add introductory content

Click on “Add content” to add the same kind of content as an e-learning module, to introduce your assessment. For example, you might want to remind participants of the objectives, or provide some context.

4. Add your questions

You can now add your questions by clicking on the pink “Add question” button.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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