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Distributing in SCORM: Setting up, Exporting and Closing a SCORM

Set up a SCORM package

Have you just finished your module and want to export it to your LMS? Learn how to prepare a SCORM package before exporting it.

Please note: for information on the SCORM format and parameters required for import into your LMS platform, please refer to your platform's documentation. Our article gives you the information you need to set up your SCORM packages according to YOUR standards.

1. To prepare a SCORM package and export it, head to the “Distribute” tab

This tab is located in the sidebar.

2. Prepare your SCORM package

"SCORM export format": select the version compatible with your platform.

"Conditions for success": select the conditions participants will need to fulfil to change the module's status to “Validated” on your LMS platform. Successful completion is determined by progress, by default.

Progression reflects how much of the module the participant has completed. It will reach 100% once the participant gets to the last page.

The result is calculated based on correct answers. Please note that in a training module, the score is an average of the number of correct answers and how many times the questions were asked.

"Communicate score to LMS platform": choose whether or not to send the score to your LMS platform. This option is disabled by default.

Remember to click the "save" button to save your settings!

3. Download your SCORM package

Check the main settings for your SCORM package one last time in the overview. Then click “download”.

You can change the settings of your SCORM package as many times as you like by clicking on the “modify” button. You don't need to export your SCORM package again to integrate it on your platform with the new settings, unless if you have changed the SCORM export format.

4. Open and close access with one click

Select the option below if you want the course to be available :

To stop broadcasting, select the option below instead :

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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