Have you just launched Teach Up for the first time? Use the introductory guide!

1. You’re new to Teach Up, welcome!

Discover your new design space.

2. You can choose where to begin

You might want to watch a tutorial, open an example module or create your first module straight away!

3. Need help getting started? Take a look at our methods and tutorials

Scroll down or click on the “Tips and tutorials” tab in the sidebar.

4. Under the studio tab, you'll find all of the modules you’ve created

To learn more about this tab, go to the dedicated section.

5. Configure your profile by clicking on “My profile” on the top-right of the sidebar

This tab lets you select your language, password, details and billing address.

6. Have a question? Contact the support team

By clicking on “contact support” at the bottom of the sidebar, under “Logout”.

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