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Share your course via an HTML5 link

Share your course directly with a link

Have you just finished your course and want to share it with your participants via an HTML5 link? Use the guide!

This tab is located in the sidebar.

You can share your link directly (1) or configure it (2).

Customize the course link:
The course link is published by Teach Up by default. You can change the name of the link as many times as you like.

Remember to send the link to your participants again if you change the link name.

Define access conditions

By default, anyone with the link can create a learner account and connect to your course. You can choose to define access restrictions to limit access to your course. There are 4 possible access conditions:

« Closed access » : The course is not accessible via the link. It is deactivated, so any participant who opens the link in question will not have access to it.

« Accessible to authorized emails only » : you can choose to give access to the courses only to users whose e-mail address contains the domain name you have defined (for example, addresses ending in You can add as many domain names as you like. In other words, only learners whose emails match the criteria you have specified will be able to access the course from the link, using their existing account or by creating a new account. Learners will be able to pick up where they left off.

« Accessible to all connected participants » : All learners with the link will be able to access the course using their existing Teach Up account. If they do not have an account, they can still access the course by clicking on "Create an account". Teach Up will then ask them to validate their account via an email address.

« Accessible to all, without an account » : All learners with the link will be able to access the course without first needing a Teach Up account.

However, you can add two options to this open link.

Option 1 - Protect the link by requiring a password to open it :

Option 2 - Ask learners for information before they start the course:

These two options can coexist.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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