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Access and navigate the tabs

To navigate through your Teach Up module, first you’ll need to know where to find the tabs. Nothing could be easier!

1. To access the module tabs, go to the left of your module

Hover over the grey ribbon to expand the sidebar.

2. Click on the tab you need, based on the action you want to take

You are already in the “create” tab by default, which lets you add content and questions to your module.

“Preview” tab: preview your module in participant mode and test how it operates on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

To learn more about this feature, visit the dedicated section.

“Review” tab: edit and share the collaborative validation link for your module.

To learn more about the validation link, visit the dedicated section.

“Distribute” tab: define how your module is shared, according to your requirements (prepare a SCORM package or via an HTML5 link).

To learn more about publishing and sharing, head to the “Diffuser” section of the FAQs.

“Analyze” tab (only available in the Platform subscription) : access the module dashboard and measure the impact of your module on your participants.

To learn more about the dashboards, head to the “Analyze” section of the FAQs.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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