Activate interactive games on processes

Activating Interactive Games on Processes

Reminder: How to add a process?

Once in a module, select the "Add" button then "More". You will then have the option to add a "Process" (as shown below):

To activate the interactive game on this type of content, click on the pink puzzle piece below your process and select "Automatically generate interactive games"

The two types of games

Depending on the type (ordered process or unorderded), the generated game will be different:

Game #1: Match the correct title to each process description: available for unordered processes (simple list)

In this game, the contents of each listed item are displayed on the screen. The learner must then match the correct title to the correct content.
Be sure to include content for each step for the game to activate.

Game #2: Arrange the steps of the process in order: available for ordered processes (list with an order)

In this game, the learner must arrange the steps of the process in the correct order.

When will these games appear for the learner?

The game will appear before the discovery of the ordered or unordered process, serving as an introduction to the topic.

Once the games are activated, you can test the learner's view by selecting the three dots on the right of the content and clicking on "Preview this input":

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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