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Add a form

Want to gather information from participants, or get them to take a self-assessment? Why not add a form?

1. To add a form to your module, head to the Add content bar

Under “More” click on “Form”.

2. Add the form's title and description (optional)

The description is optional as you’ll be able to add text, questions and space for participant responses.

3. Add fields to your form

Click on “Add a field” to see the different fields you can add to a form.

The formating fields

These fields let you structure your form.

The text formating field

Title: lets you add sub-headings to give order to your form.

Paragraph: lets you add text to provide context or give instructions to your participants.

The media formating field

In this field, you can add images to illustrate your form.

Form options fields

These fields enable you to get your participants involved: get them to answer questions or give them space to write.

For all form options fields:

– you can make it a required interaction by ticking “Mandatory” on the top-right of the panel;

– you can also see participants’ answers directly in the dashboard by ticking “Dashboard”, also located on the top-right of the panel.

Open-ended question fields

These fields let you ask questions that participants must answer by entering their own response.

In a single-line question, participants must give a one-line answer. In a multi-line question, they can write as many lines as they like.

You can customise the default text that appears in the field where participants will write their answers – it might clarify the instructions, for example.

Multiple choice and scale fields

Multiple choice: lets you create multiple choice questions.

Numerical slider scale: lets you create a question that participants answer by moving the slider between two values on a scale.

You can customise the sliding scale and the text that appears under the minimum and maximum values.

Yes or No slider: along the same lines as the previous interaction, this sliding scale lets you create a yes or no question that participants answer by moving a slider to either the minimum side or the maximum side.

Sliders are mandatory interactions by default for participants.

Choices in a list: lets you create a question that participants answer by choosing from a list.

File upload: lets you ask participants to share a media file or document by attaching it directly to the form.

All formats are authorised by default, and you can untick any you don’t need.

4. Change the form retrieval options

You can select how to retrieve forms, to process the information gathered.

Have the form emailed automatically

This option automatically sends the completed form to a list of recipients. This option can also include a custom message and one or more media files.

Allow participants to define the recipient(s) of their forms

With this option, participants can add the email addresses of people they want to send their completed forms to.

Allow participants to download the forms directly

This option lets each participant download their completed form themselves.

We suggest activating this feature by default, to let participants keep track of their participation.

5. Edit your form (optional)

You can edit your content and interactions by clicking on the "Pencil" icon to the right of each block.

To delete a block of content or interactions, click on the "Cross" icon located to the right.

You can adjust the order of your form by clicking the rectangular icon with dots and dragging the block to its new location.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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