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Add a link

Want to add a link to an external site in your Teach Up modules? You can! Learn how!

Then click “Link”:

Type or copy-paste your title and add the internet link in the dedicated zones. Then click OK to confirm.

3. Add a description (optional)

You can add a description to your link. Write or copy and paste your text into the dedicated space.

There are three options to choose from under settings:

Show an introductory screen

When this option is enabled, the participant sees: the title, thumbnail (image) and description. The participant then clicks on the "Open" button to access the website. When this option is disabled, the website opens directly.

Show the shortened URL

When this option is enabled, the root web address is displayed on the thumbnail (image) ( The participant sees the name of the web page.

Teach Up custom page or mini-site (custom development)

Which requires a page or mini-site to be specifically developed to work with Teach Up (it must contain a “Continue” button). When this option is enabled, neither the URL nor the description will be visible to the user.

Add an image (thumbnail)

You can replace the web page thumbnail with an image of your choice. To do this, enable the “Replace image”.

Next, import your image from your computer or drag and drop it into the dedicated zone.

You can replace your link at any time by clicking on the edit icon.

Add your new link, then click "Confirm" to save your change.

Check you link, only links beginning "https://" are accepted in Teach Up. Also check the security conditions of the links you want to add to Teach Up. The target website must agree to be embedded in Teach Up.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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