Adding a survey lets participants share their thoughts on a question or topic. Learn how to create a survey on Teach Up in just a few clicks:

1. To create a survey, click on “Social” in the “Add” bar

Then click “Survey”:

2. Write your survey question

Write your question and the possible answers. You can add as many possible answers as you like.

3. Add an explanation (optional)

Click on the icon to add an explanation that the participants will see after they’ve responded to the survey.

4. Configure your survey (optional)

Click on the icon to configure your survey. You can enable open answers: participants can choose to give their own answer. You can also select the “single choice” option: participants can only choose one answer from the list of answers provided.

5. Add an image to the survey (optional)

Click the icon to add one or more images to illustrate your survey.
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