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Add an image and create zones

Want to add an image to highlight content, or a quirky GIF to make your participants laugh? Simply follow the steps below:

1. To add an image, click on image under the Add content bar

In your module, click “Image”:

2. Insert your image.

Import your image from your computer or drag and drop it into the dedicated zone:

3. Add a heading

Add a heading above the image (preferably a short one):

4. Add a description (optional)

To add a description to your image, click on the description icon on the bottom left and type or copy-paste your description in the field displayed.

5. Add clickable zones to your image (optional)

Select your preferred shape: a circle or a rectangle. Next, position the zone on the image, then add a title and description if required. Image zones can be resized or moved as needed.

Clickable areas help highlight the most important elements of your images, and allow participants to explore them in a fun and interactive way.

6. Set the order of the image zones, if required

Click the icon that enables you to set the order the image zones are displayed. By default, the image zones are not be displayed in the order defined by the author, which means the participant can click on the zones in any order. If you activate the view-in-order option, you can set the order the participant will click through the image zones.

7. Replace your image

Simply click on the circular arrows on the bottom-right of your image, and select a new image to replace the old one.

What if your image had a description and clickable zones? Rest assured, you won't have to recreate these elements if you decide to replace an image. Simply check that the zones are correctly positioned on the new image, for example if it isn't the exact size as the previous image.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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