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Add and configure audio

A podcast, voice clip… Adding audio is a great way to make your module more dynamic. And with Teach Up, it’s a breeze!

1. Click on “Audio” in the Add content bar

To integrate audio into your module, click on the “Add” button, “Media” and then “Audio”:

2. Add audio

There are two ways to add audio:

Option 1: Add the audio URL (e.g.: https://XXXXXXXXXX.mp3) in the “Media URL” section. Teach Up also accepts .mp4 format. Check that your URL is an HTTPS link.

Option 2: Import your audio file (MP3 or MP4) from your computer by clicking on “Upload sound” or drag and drop the file into the dedicated zone.

3. Add a title

Add a title above your audio (preferably a short one).

4. Add a description (optional)

To add a description to your audio, click on the description icon on the bottom left and type or copy-paste your description in the field displayed.

5. Configure your audio (optional)

To configure your audio, click on the settings icon on the bottom-left and select or deselect the option “Start playing automatically”. When this option is enabled, the audio will start playing automatically all by itself, participants don’t need to hit play.

6. Add a cover image to your audio (optional)

To add a cover image, click on the image icon on the bottom-left and select the option “Add an image”. Next, import your image from your computer or drag and drop it into the dedicated zone.

7. Replace your audio if required

Simply click on the two circular arrows on the bottom-right and add the new audio file or URL.

What if your audio had a description and cover image? Not to worry, your description will be saved, and you won't need to rewrite your description if you choose to replace your audio. Just remember to change the cover image if necessary.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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