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Add interactive games

You can add in-text interactive games to encourage focus and memorisation: scratch, fill-in-the-blanks, drag and drop, choices in a list and find an error.

1. Identify the most important words you want participants to remember (keywords)

Highlight keywords using Teach Up’s smart highlighter by clicking on "Select keywords".

The highlighter is now enabled.

Next, click on the word or group of words (up to three words at a time) that you want participants to remember. The interactive games will be applied to these words.

2. Select the interactive games for your key words

In the toolbar, click on the “Puzzle” icon . All types of games are selected by default. Disable any games you don’t want to use.

To make the most of Teach Up’s technology and vary the learning exercises for participants, we suggest keeping as many games selected as possible.

3. Add incorrect answers

To ensure the Choices in a list and Find an error games work properly, you'll need to add incorrect answers (diversions).

To do this, click on your key word (highlighted in yellow), then click “wrong answers”

Add your incorrect answer and click “OK” to save it.

Click on "A wrong answer" to add all of your incorrect answers one after the other.

We suggest adding two to four incorrect answers per key word.
Teach Up can also automatically generate wrong answers based on incorrect answers submitted by participants.

4. Modify or deactivate a keyword (optional)

You can modify or deactivate your keywords at any time during the module design phase by clicking on "Edit keyword" or "Disable keyword".

To learn more about the Teach Up smart highlighter, watch the video here !

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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