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Add one (or more) files to download

Adding files for download is perfect for sharing extra information related to your module. Simply follow the steps below:

1. To insert one or more files for download, click on “More” in the “Add” bar

Then click “Import”:

2. Add a file for download

There are two ways to import a file:

Option 1: Import your files from your computer.

Click on “Import one or several documents that learners will be able to download”, and in the file explorer that opens select your folder and the relevant file.

Option 2: Drag and drop your file.

Select your file in your computer's file explorer and drag and drop it into the dedicated zone.

3. Give your file a name

In the title zone, add a file name.

4. Add a description (optional)

You can add a description to your file. Write or copy and paste your text into the dedicated space.

5. Add more files to your downloadable content (optional)

You can add as many files as you like.

Click on the “Import one or several documents that learners will be able to download” icon again, or drag and drop your additional files into the dedicated zone.

You can delete a file by clicking the cross icon next to the relevant file, or all your files by clicking the “delete” icon.

Finally, you can view your downloadable files by clicking on the “download” icon.

You can upload any type of file: docx, exe, gif, jpg, jpeg, m4a, mp3 pdf, png, ppt, txt, xlsx, zip, etc.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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