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Create a digital invitation

The wide variety of content that can be added to your Teach Up module helps you create the most unique experience each time: training modules, blended-learning courses, assessments, digital invitations, etc.

Less well known than other methods, digital invitations can be an effective tool for communicating with participants. Let us explain! 🔎

When should you use a digital invitation?

Digital invitations are mainly used to invite participants to an event, such as a seminar or meeting. But they can also be used for a range of other purposes: for example, to explain the integration process for newly hired employees. You can use it however you like. 😉

How do you create a digital invitation on Teach Up?

Let's take a look at how to quickly and easily create digital invitations on Teach Up:

Open the Teach Up studio and create a new module (New activity > Create a course).

Keep in mind that a digital invitation should be a fairly short experience, both in terms of time and content.

Here are a few key tips for creating a digital invitation on Teach Up:

Use storytelling to engage your participants

Seeing as the digital invitation is the first step in the experience you design, it’s important that you make a good impression, to captivate and engage learners in the rest of their experience.

To do this, use storytelling! Use this method as part of your digital invitation, by engaging your participants through language (e.g. use an informal tone or ask the participant a question). For more information, see our article on tips for creating an engaging e-learning module.

Humanise your experience with a video

Adding a video to your digital invitation can be a good way to humanise your experience and capture your learners’ attention. For example, a word from the CEO can help get participants engaged.

To do this, head to your module and click “Add”, “Media” and then “Video”. Now just copy/paste the video URL.

Your content must first be uploaded to a video hosting website such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Vary formats with a few questions to test learners’ knowledge

Given that the digital invitation is a short experience, it’s important to vary the content, to get participants engaged. To do this, use questions by clicking on “Check knowledge” and add the content of your choice. Be careful not to add too many questions, to keep the experience short and to the point.

Ask your participants to contribute thanks to Social Learning

Social Learning is one of Teach Up's key features. Make use of this in your digital invitation to gather participants’ thoughts and feelings about the upcoming experience. This will help you prepare the rest of the learning path!

To add social learning to your digital invitation, add a new piece of content and click on “Social”, then add a question.

How do you send the digital invitation to your participants?

Have you almost finished designing your digital invitation? Congratulations! 👏

Now it's time to send it to your participants. There are several ways to do this, but we suggest sending it in an email. For example, if it’s a digital invitation for a presentation on the integration process for a newly hired employee, it could be a good idea to send it as part of the welcome / onboarding email.

To retrieve the link to your digital invitation, go to the “4. Distribute” tab in your Teach Up studio, then copy-paste the link that appears on your screen.

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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