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Create a rapid learning

🚀 Rapid learning modules offer learners a 3 to 5 minute learning experience on a specific theme.

In addition to e-learning, rapid learning can also be used for other purposes: this shorter module will introduce a topic to a learner but won't turn them into an expert.

To create a rapid learning module in Teach Up, go to the top of the studio home page and click on “+ New activity” then “Create a course”.

Now it’s time to start creating! Here are some tips to help you create rapid learning modules on Teach Up:

In a rapid learning module…

You can…

✔️ Introduce a topic

✔️ Vary the different types of resources for a more dynamic experience

✔️ Create interactions between participants

✔️ Share key information / arguments on a topic

✔️ Spark discussion on a topic

✔️ Target a very specific subject

You cannot…

❌ Cover more than 5 key messages

❌ Check that the employee fully understands the subject

❌ Turn an employee into an expert on the subject

❌ Share the equivalent of 5 pages of written content

❌ Cover more than 2 learning objectives

A few best practices for designing and creating modules:

Text input

Make sure your texts are spaced out and don’t exceed more than 5 lines.

To offer your participants a unique experience, get them to take part in one type of a game by selecting only the game you wish to keep.

Image input

Opt for operational photos from your own business environment. You can also use GIFs to make your module more engaging.

Video input

Add a video description to reiterate key points and make information easier to remember. Keep your videos to one minute or less!

Process inputs

Select the process input to replace a series of identical inputs. You can even use images to illustrate the steps of the process.

However, remember to limit the content in each step of the process. Too much text could spoil your participants’ experience.


Add short and operational questions. Add at least one incorrect answer.

Limit the number of questions (1 to 3) and games selected in your e-learning module to ensure a quick but high-impact experience for learners.

Updated on: 05/01/2022

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