Sub-sections help organise your questions.

1. To create a sub-section in an assessment, head to the module overview
Next, click “Create a subsection”.

2. Customise your sub-section
After giving your sub-section a title, you can customise the background. If you choose not to, the default image will be the module's cover image.

3. Add an introduction to your sub-section (optional)
If you want, you can add an introduction to your sub-section.

4. Add questions specific to the sub-section
Now you can add your questions by clicking on the pink "Add question" button.

You can drag your existing questions directly into the sub-section.

5. Move a sub-section (option)
You can move a sub-section and all the questions it contains. To do this, go to the module overview, click and hold the title of your sub-section. It is now highlighted, and you can place it earlier or later in the assessment.

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