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Create an assessment in personality test mode

Teach Up's assessment modules are primarily used to track and assess participants’ level of understanding. But did you know you can also use this feature for another very specific purpose?

You can re-purpose the assessment module to create a personality test. ✔️

Let’s take a look at how to do this. Take the example of an assertiveness test!

Create a Teach Up assessment module

Open your Teach Up studio and create an assessment module (New activity > Create an assesment)

Add your introduction

Next, add some content to present your personality test. This could be “Text” content that explains how the module will work to participants.

Create your sub-sections

Once you’ve drafted your introduction, add your first sub-section by clicking on “Create a subsection” in the black banner on the left of the screen.

Each sub-section corresponds to a personality that you’ll define based on your test.

Configure your sub-sections

Once you’ve created your first sub-section, configure it by clicking on “⚙️ Modify”. Click on “Random” to display the questions in a random order.

Next, set the Time limit per question in this sub-section (for example: 15 seconds) participants will have to respond to the question.

Click on “Display a personalized message depending on the score obtained” to determine the participant's personality.

Add as many thresholds as you want in order to determine the participant's personality.

Let's take the example of an assertiveness test: each sub-section includes two minimum thresholds. One at 0% and another at 50%. There will therefore be two different messages to display:
The first if the participant gets a result between 0% and 49%
The second if their score is between 50% and 100%.

It's up to you to write the relevant messages for each result!

Formulate your questions

Now simply write your questions in the sub-sections you’ve just created. To do this, click on “Add question” in the relevant sub-section.

Make sure you write your question in the affirmative, to prompt the learner position themselves. Set the “Correct answers” field to “Wrong answers” and the “Mauvaises réponses” field to “Mostly false”.

Configure the last page

You’ve almost finished creating your personality test module! Now all you have to do is configure the last page. To ensure an optimal experience, we suggest disabling the global score display as there is no need for it in this case. However, be sure to enable the sub-section score, which will enable you to determine the participant's personality.

Also activate the assessment results option, so that users can download their assessment results in PDF format.

Finally, you can track participant performance and completion by viewing the dashboard (tab 5. Analyze).

Updated on: 10/11/2021

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