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Create module sub-sections

To divide your module up into multiple themes or stages, you can create sub-sections. Learn how:

1. To create sub-sections in a module, head to the module overview

Next, click “Create a subsection”. This button is always located below the last content page.

Adding sub-sections will help structure your module. We suggest adding one or two for a short experience.

2. Customise a sub-section

Add a title and new background if you wish (otherwise, Teach Up will automatically apply the general background for your module). You can also deleted a sub-section by clicking on “delete the entire section”.

Careful, deleting a sub-section will also automatically delete all of its content.

3. Move a sub-section (optional)

You can move a sub-section by simply clicking and dragging it to a different spot in the module.

Dragging a section to a new position will also move all of its content.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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