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How do I manage my participants?

Do you want to track your participants’ progress once you’ve published module? It's possible in Teach Up! ✔️

You can do this in four easy steps:

1. Creating an account

Once you’ve shared your module, your participants will be asked to create their own Teach Up account. To do this, they simply have to click on the “Set up your account” button. Next, your participants will need to fill in the required fields and click on “Set up my account”. Finally, they simply need to activate their account by clicking on the link in the automated email they receive.

Each participant must create their own account, which will give them access to all of the courses designed by Teach Up. Registration is free! 😉

2. Accessing the module

Once their account is activated, participants can complete the module sent to them.

However, if they’re unable to access the module or SPOC, you'll need to check that:
The participant has created and activated their Teach Up account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email sent to them after they registered.
The participant has entered the correct module access address, and not the creator link.

If the participant can't find the email sent to activate their account, they can check if they’ve provided the right email address.

3. Managing participants

To access the overview of the number of participants, go to the “Management and subscription” tab from the Teach Up studio. Here you can access the number of active users over the period.

You can download the list of active users in Excel format by clicking on the ℹ️ button and then on “Download”.

Each participant is only counted once, and can then complete as many modules as they like.

4. Viewing the dashboard

Finally, you can easily track who has completed your e-learning module from the dashboard. It couldn't be simpler!

From your module or SPOC, head to the “5. Analyze” tab to access your dashboard.

This tab lets you monitor participants’ progress. For more information on this feature, click here.

You can search for a participant by typing their first or last name. If they appear in the list, this means they have opened the module or SPOC at least once.

Updated on: 28/12/2021

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