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Modify a module after you’ve published it

Modify and update a module after you’ve published it

Once your module has been shared with your participants, you can still update all the module content and add new content.

When you update and add new content to your module, Teach Up integrates the changes in real time.

What does this mean for participants?

There are three potential scenarios in terms of participants, whether you share the module using SCORM (on an LMS platform) or the Teach Up web link:

Participants who haven't completed the module before (and are therefore completing it for the first time) will view the experience with the modified and new content. They will see the most recent version saved by Teach Up.

If a participant has already completed the entire module, they will only see the new content by clicking on the “Start over” button (on the last page of the module), which will let them retake the module.

To do this, remember to enable the “start over” option on the last page of the module.

If a participant has completed part of the module (haven't completed the entire module, closed the module to return later), when they return to finish it they will not see the new content.

Updated on: 08/11/2021

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