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Navigating the Teach Up studio

The Teach Up studio is the home page that displays when you connect to your account. So how do you use it?

1. To learn more about the studio, head to the Teach Up home page

Next, click “Studio” in the menu on the left.

2. You can now start exploring the studio!

All of the modules you’ve created can be found in this space.

The sidebar

From the sidebar, you can sort your modules by training course, assessment or training paths by clicking on “My courses”, “My assesments” or "My training paths". You can also access your shortcuts.

The heart of your studio

– You can create a new module by clicking on the “New activity” button.

– You can search for a module by typing a keyword into the search bar located on the top-right.

– You can change the display of your modules and switch from grid view (screenshot above) to list view by clicking on the icon located to the right of the search bar.

– You can organise your modules by title, creation date, modification date or popularity by clicking on the drop-down menus located below the search bar.

– You can select multiple modules by clicking on the “select” button under the search bar. This option lets you apply an action to a group of selected modules.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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