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Organise your Teach Up modules with labels

In your author interface, you can create shortcuts and labels to organise your modules. Learn how!

1. Create a label

In the “Studio” section, in the menu on the left-hand side, click on the pencil icon, then click “create a label”.

Give your label a name (in our example we’ve chosen “Countries”) and assign it a colour to make it easier to find. Click on “confirm” to create your label.

Once you’ve created your label/shortcut, you can modify or delete it at any time using the "pencil" and the "cross" icons.

Click “OK”, your label will appear in the menu “My shortcuts” on the left.

Identify the module you want to add to your shortcut.

Next, go to your module options by clicking on the options icon on the top-right of the module thumbnail (see screenshot below) or to the right of your module in list view.

Next, select “Associated labels” from the menu.

Select your label, then click “Confirm”.

Your module is now linked to a label, a flag icon will appear.

3. Access your organised modules

By clicking on your label under the “My shortcuts” menu on the left, you’ll only see the modules you’ve identified.

You can link as many modules as you need to and create as many labels as you like. They will appear under your “My shortcuts” area in the order you create them in.

To quickly link multiple modules to a label, use the “Select” button.

What if there are multiple authors using your Teach Up interface?

Labels are personal and let each author categorise their modules as they see fit. However, by typing a shortcut word into the search bar, each studio user can find the modules labelled by other users.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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