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Platform subscription: assign activities to your users

Assign activities to your users with the Platform subscription

With the Platform subscription, you can assign e-learning activities to your participants in just a few clicks, and they’ll be notified by email that a new activity is available. Learn about the two different ways to do this below!

1. Add your users

If your participants have never signed in to Teach Up, you'll need to add them to the “My users” tab in order to assign them an activity.

Participants don’t receive a notification at this stage.

To learn more about the user management features, head to the dedicated article.

2. Assign an activity from the user list

Go to the “My users” tab and click on the “Select” button located under the search bar, then select the relevant users. Next, click “Assign activities”.

A window will open, where you can search for activities to assign to the selected users.

Next, click “Assign”. Your users will receive an email notifying them that you’ve given them access to one or more activities.

3. Assign an activity via the “Distribute” tab

Head to the activity you want to assign, the process is the same for a training module, assessment or learning path.
Click on the “4. Distribute” tab under your activity and scroll down to see the “Assigned users” feature.

Next, simply click “+ Assign” to select the users you want to complete this activity. These users will receive an email notifying them that you’ve given them access to an activity to complete.

Remember: if you use the Assign function, only assigned users will have access to your activity, and you won't be able to share a direct access link.

4. (Optional) Grant access to non-assigned users

Do you still want to let other users (in addition to those assigned) access your activity? You can!
To do this, under “4. Distribute” go to the sharing options for your activity (“Modify” button). Next, under the access settings simply enable “Allow not assigned users to log in”.

You can now send a link to any users who want to complete the activity!

When users connect via this link and create their account, they will be automatically added to the “My users” tab.

5. Remove assigned activities

If you want to share an activity with users for a limited time, you can delete the authorisation.
To do this, go to the “Distributer” tab for your activity and scroll down to the list of assigned users. Next, click on the options for the relevant user then on “Remove the assignement”.

The user you remove the assignment from will not receive a notification. However, if they try to access the activity, they’ll see the error message “Your aren't authorized to access this page”.

Please note that if the “Allow not assigned users to log in” option is enabled, deleting a user's authorisation will not prevent them from accessing the activity.

Updated on: 28/12/2021

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