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Select the types of games generated in a question

Multiple-choice quiz, open-ended question, labels… A variety of games is available to test knowledge Read on to discover how to set them up.

1. To customise the question types generated, click on “more options”

2. Under “Question types generated”, select the game or games you want to generate

All types of games are selected by default. Disable any games you don’t want to use.

Open-ended question: the participant answers the question by typing their response. This game is recommended for answers that contain no more than one or two simple words. Remember to add alternative correct answers by clicking on “ALT. ”:

Multiple choice: the participant chooses from a range of possible answers and selects the correct response(s).

Swipe cards: the participant must swipe answers to the right if they think they’re true and to the left if they think they’re false. This type is game is not compatible with your answers yes/no, true/false, right/wrong, correct/incorrect.

Mystery card: Participants choose between three cards with suggested answers, one of which is hidden. If neither of the suggested answers seems right, they can choose the mystery card. This game works if one correct answer and at least two wrong answers are defined.

Word Master: the participant has 3 attempts to complete the correct answer. At each attempt, if one or more letters are correct, Teach Up will keep them to facilitate the next attempt.

You can preview the different games by clicking on options via the menu to the right of the question title.

To get the most out of Teach Up’s technology, keep as many games as possible selected.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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