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Share the dashboard via an HTML5 link

Share the module dashboard via a link

There are two ways to share your module's dashboard:

From your author area (inside the module)
From the studio

1. Share a dashboard from the author area of your module

In your studio, click on your module and access the author area. Next, select the "5. Analyze" tab in the side bar.

You’ll be taken to the module dashboard. Click on the "Share these results" button on the top right. A new dashboard page will open. Copy the URL of this page and share it.

You can share this URL to your module dashboard to a third party even if they don’t have access to your author area on Teach Up.
Check that the link begins as follows:…

2. Share a dashboard from the studio

In the studio, find your module and select “Analyze results” from the options menu (three dots). This will take you to your module’s dashboard page.

Just like before, simply copy the URL and share it.

Updated on: 05/01/2022

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