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Step 2 - Add content and structure my SPOC

Have you just created your learning path? Great, you can now start adding your first bits of content. 👌

1. Create a section

Start designing your learning path by giving it a title and description, then click Continue. Next, simply give your first section a name!

2. Add content

Once you’ve named your first section, it's time to start adding content. To do this, click Add a step.

You can choose from 5 types of content:

Teach Up Module
Choose a module you’ve already created on Teach Up to integrate into your SPOC.

Images, PDF files, Excel tables: Easily import a variety of documents for learners to download.

External link
Integrate websites and digital tools to immerse your learners in the learning path. It’s easy. Copy-paste the website’s HTML link into the dedicated zone.

Tip: certain tools won’t let you embed their site on Teach Up.

Schedule an event in your learning path then add the relevant information (date, time, place, web link). Your learners will be able to add this event to their calendar (Outlook, Google calendar, Apple calendar etc.)

Import a video into your learning path. Simply copy-paste the video's HTML link into the zone that appears when you click Video.

3. Structure your learning path

Once you’ve added your initial content, it is time to structure your course by adding sections. Click Add a section from your SPOC editor.

4. Define access requirements

Do you want learners to be able to access a course section only under certain conditions? You can! To do so, go to the relevant section and select the desired requirement.

Tip: you can also define access requirements by content.

Updated on: 28/12/2021

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