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Step 3 – Customise your SPOC

To make your experience as immersive as possible, the Teach Up course editor lets you customise a number of elements

Choose a logo to add to your learning paths. Choose cropped images in .png format for better quality! ✔️

The logo will be displayed on the home page of your SPOC, in the table of contents and in the horizontal banner within your sections.

2. Background

Set the background for your learning path by choosing your desired image. If possible, opt for images of landscapes. You can also add an animated .gif to make your SPOC more dynamic!

3. Theme

Choose one of the three themes available in the Teach Up SPOC editor: Dark, Light or Carrousel.

To give you an idea of what it will look like, you can run through your SPOC in participant mode by clicking “Preview”.

Updated on: 28/12/2021

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