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Understanding Adaptive Learning

We talk about Adaptive Learning when the technology personalises the learning experience: users learn at their own pace, and only the skills they need to work on.

And on Teach Up?

On Teach Up, adaptive learning is made possible thanks to pedagogical artificial intelligence and embedded algorithms. These technologies analyse each participant's interactions with module content and questions and adapt the learning path accordingly (difficulty level for the next questions, repeating specific content...).

To feed this technology and make your participants' experience as personalised as possible, ask at least two questions per key content to test their knowledge.

To determine how much your module makes use of adaptive learning and Teach Up’s intelligent solutions, take a look at the interactivity gauges at the top of the module overview. The gauge will grow as you add more questions to assess users’ knowledge. For more information on these gauges, click on the ” i “ button.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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