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Configure a sub-section

Configuring a sub-section lets you fine-tune the achievement thresholds and related messages.

Remember: the settings selected in a sub-section will override the general assessment settings.

1. To configure a sub-section, open the sub-section

Just under the sub-section title in the “Sub-section settings” panel, click “Modify”.

2. Select your settings

You can change a number of options from the settings window.

Question order in this sub-section: you can choose the order in which the questions are displayed from within the sub-section.

Time limit per question in this sub-section: you can set the default time participants have to answer sub-section questions. To remove the time constraint, set the default time to zero.

Display a personalized message depending on the score obtained: you can select whether or not to display a custom message based on the sub-section score (see score requirements below).

Passing score: you can customise the minimum score required to pass the sub-section, as well as the related message.

You can set as many thresholds as you like in an assessment’s general threshold settings – to learn more go to the dedicated article.

3. Confirm your settings

Once you’ve selected your settings, click "confirm" to validate them!

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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