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Configure an assessment

1. To set up your assessment, go to the dedicated menu

Click on the ⚙ button located on the top-left of your assessment:

You can also access the assessment settings from the last page, by clicking on “modify” just below the score.

2. Select your settings

You can change a number of options from the assessment settings window.

Question types: you can set the question format globally, for all questions in the assessment.

Remember that if you set the format in the options for each individual question, the global format will not be applied.

Time limit per question: you can set the default time allowed to answer each question in the assessment. To remove the time constraint, set the default time to zero.

Please note that if you set this time for each individual question, the overall default time will not be applied.

Passing score: you can customise the minimum score required to pass an assessment, as well as the message the participant sees based on their results.

To learn more, head to the dedicated article.

3. Confirm your settings

Once you’ve selected your settings, click ""confirm"" to validate them.

Updated on: 23/12/2021

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