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Create a blended learning course

Blended learning courses (also called SPOCs) enables you to cleverly combine multiple modes of learning. In Teach Up, you can easily combine e-learning and in-person sessions within your SPOCs.


Head to the Teach Up studio and click “New activity” then
“Create course”.

Congratulations! You are now in the course editor. 🎉

You can now start adding your content and create the blended-learning course you have in mind.

What are some best practices for creating a blended-learning course?

Here are a few practical tips for creating the most immersive and customised blended learning experience:

Give your SPOC a short and punchy title

The course title is the first thing your learners will see! Make sure you choose a short and punchy title to engage participants from the first few seconds of their blended learning experience.

Write a carefully-worded description

The course description introduces the content of your blended-learning course to your learners. Make it engaging enough to immerse your learners in your experience. 😉

Introduce your learning path by adding a presentation module

What could be better than using a module to introduce your blended-learning course? Nothing could be easier! Head to the learning path and click “Ajouter une étape” then “Module Teach Up”. Finally, select the desired module from the list that appears.

The module in question must already be created.

You can also introduce your course by adding a teaser video. This will help grab learners’ attention before starting the experience. 🎬
To do this, head to the learning path, click “Add a step” then “Video” and insert the teaser video URL.

Change things up by including in-person interactions.

The main benefit of blended-learning courses is that you can alternate between asynchronous and synchronous learning sessions.

Good news! The Teach Up editor can easily integrate in-person meet-ups and events. To do this, click “Add a step” and then “Event”.

Next, all you have to do is fill in the relevant information (date, time, place, web link). Your participants will be able to add this event to their calendar (Outlook, Google calendar, Apple calendar etc.)

Indicate the timing

Remember to enter how long it takes to complete an activity or module within your learning path. This gives your learners a reference point. To do this, click on the content in question (module, event, HTML link, etc.) and enter the estimated duration.

Set conditions of access

Do you want to order your blended learning course? Good news, you can do this in Teach Up.

To do so, go to the relevant section and select the desired requirement.

You can also set conditions of access by content.

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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