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Understanding Social Learning

Social Learning is the act of learning through interaction and discussions between colleagues, peers, etc. It helps foster participant commitment and motivation by putting them at the heart of their skills development.

And on Teach Up?

On Teach Up, you can encourage social learning through activities that put participants in contact with each other during their e-learning experience. You can find these activities under the “social” tab in the add content bar. They include surveys and a contribution wall.

To enhance the power of social learning in your modules and make them even more engaging, set up regular surveys (one or two per sub-section) and ask questions on contribution walls (one or two per module).

To determine how much social learning your module offers, simply look at the interactivity gauges at the top of your module overview.

The gauges will grow whenever you add more “social” content. For more information on these gauges, click on the button to the right.

Updated on: 08/11/2021

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