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Platform subscription: manage your users

Manage your users with the Platform subscription

Thanks to the Platform subscription, you can manage your users and give them activities to complete.

1. Head to the “My users” tab

In the studio side bar browser, click on My users. This will display a list of users having participated in one of your Teach Up modules.

These users are:
- Those you’ve added manually with the "+ New" button;
- Those who’ve connected to one of your Teach Up modules using a link you’ve shared.

2. To add users

If your participants have never taken part in a Teach Up activity before, you'll need to add them under the “my users” tab by clicking on the “+ New” button.

At this stage, participants don’t receive a notification.

3. Manage a user

You can open each user’s options menu by clicking on the three dots to the right of their profile.

View the dashboard: lets you access the user dashboard.
Assign activities: lets you assign activities directly from this screen.
Select groups: lets you add this user to a group.
Modify the role: lets you change the user’s role: participant, author, administrator, or multiple roles at once!
Exclude user: if you select this option, the user will no longer be able to access your activities.

4. Create groups

To make assigning activities easier, you can create groups of users. Simply click on “Select”, then on the users you want to add to the group.

Next, click on the “Select groups” icon.

A window will open, enabling you to create a group or select an existing one, then simply click “Confirm”. Your users have now been added to a group!

When you assign activities, you can sort or categorise your users based on the groups they belong to.

You can also create group in advance with the “Manage groups” button located just to the right of “+ New”.

Updated on: 05/01/2022

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